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DEATH KEY (2005)

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(editor), 2011.

Available through the publisher or online bookstores as a paperback for for Kindle. ISBN number: ISBN 978-1-4620-2616-6-

Transitions is a collection of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and reminiscences written by fourteen members of the Phoenix Northwest Valley Branch of American Association of University Women's Creative Writing special interest group. The book was published as a fundraiser for scholarships to young women attending college.

Greta's short stories, "Two Pools for Pauline" and "Baucis and Philomen redux" are among the collection along with her poem "Passage" and an essay, "My Favorite Teacher."


ISBN 978-1-4759-5703-7

Available through the publisher at or online bookstores as a paperback or for Kindle

Garrick Thomas, a mystery writer, first meets Mara Edwards as he yearns for oblivion on the edge of a cliff outside the Caribbean asylum where they are both confined. As the killer from his bestselling novel lurks deep within his soul, Garrick battles his desire to end it all. Some days Mara, also a writer, is Irene Dunne; other days she is Marlene Dietrich. Most days she wanders around the asylum, the helpless victim of her own hallucinations. When both patients witness a brutal fight and possible strangling on the asylum grounds, no one believes their account.

After detailing the fight to a security guard, Mara and Garrick meet with Dr. Stan Dickerson, who immediately suggests that the scuffle may have been another one of their dreams. But just as Mara's visiting daughter, Lauren, begins to dig into the details of the fateful night, she finds herself being romantically pursued by the man Mara says dragged a body into the bushes after the scuffle. In this thrilling murder mystery, Garrick, Mara, and her daughter must take matters into their own hands as they investigate a potential murder. There is only one problem-someone wants them dead too. Read The Press Release (pdf) here.

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