The Purgatory Trail


A Modern
"Old West" Adventure


Cleo Lorette and Greta Manville

The Purgatory TrailJoin the hilarious misadventures of the Foofwahs, seven prime-of-life but out-of-shape women writers who take on a cattle drive to help one of their group. Their dream vacation turns gritty when they meet slick, handsome Chan Reed who has an agenda of his own. And Jake, their ancient drive foreman, expects to work with experienced cowboy riders but to his disgust, gets female writers! He thinks women belong in the kitchen. They think he needs a bath.

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Writer's Digest says:
"I love The Purgatory Trail's rambunctious, colorful cast of characters - the well-constructed women that make up the "Foofwahs" . . . characters with great tics, traits and occupations, from the traveling fortune teller Angie to the cattle rancher Lindsey to the no-nonsense CC . . . Chan Reed makes the perfect villain - dark, handsome, passionate and ruthless . . . [The] cowboy know-how rounds out the novel with interesting, tactile details. The passion for the West and the lifestyle it symbolizes - summed up powerfully in the wonderful Audrey Hankins epigraph - drives this novel to its climactic and satisfying ending." (reprinted by permission)

Who me? Go on whose cattle drive?



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